Drive On !
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I’m so relived! Thank you Jenny. You believed in me and gave me the confidence to carry on and pass my driving test. Thank you so much. I’ll miss are lessons. x
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Thank you Jen, I was so hesitant and nervous when I started to drive but you helped me build my confidence, you were so encouraging and patitent with me. I would recommend you to any of my family and friends’ xxx
After 8 years, with 5 different instructors. I only went and passed FIRST time with Jenny. After only 3 months!! Thanks sooo much Jen. 
I passed my test with Jenny and found that she was extremely patient, honest and always open about what I needed to work on and what I did well. If you're looking for a good instructor, then I would definitely recommend her.
I really enjoyed learning to drive with Jenny. Very calm at all times, and explained what I needed to do to help me build my confidence out on the roads. Now I drive everywhere. Its made a real difference to my life. thank you Jenny xxx
What do my pupils say