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Pass Plus 

It involves only six hours training with no test at the end. There are six modules;  town driving, all-weather driving, out of town driving and rural roads, night driving,  dual carriageways and motorways. Once all six modules have been completed, your  training form is sent to the Pass Plus Unit at the D.S.A. and you will receive a  Certificate of Completion.  

Night Driving 

Many people have never driven at night! If all you've done is a school run or trips  to the local supermarket, you probably won't be able to drive safely at night, in  poor visibility on major roads or motorways. I can teach you to do this type of  driving safely. 

Motorway Tuition 

If you've driven for years but haven't needed to, or have avoided using motorways,  the prospect of motorway driving can be very worrying. Are you concerned about  how to join or leave a motorway? A few hours of professional motorway tuition will  give you the high degree of competence you need to drive safely. 

Refresher Course 

This is ideal if you passed your test several years ago and haven't driven much  since. You may change your job and find that your new employer needs you to be  mobile. This course will quickly bring back your confidence.  If any part of driving worries you, I can train you to be competent and confident in  that particular area. Please don't be one of the many drivers who hope they'll never  have to reverse into a space between two vehicles again! 
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