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So its the day for your driving test, and I know how nervous you’ll be feeling.  Remember to get a good nights sleep, dress smart/casual and switch off your  phone! Also remember everything we have done:  Mock test: Mock tests are a great way to help you prepare for the real thing. We’ll  do a test route under test conditions and give you full feed back at the end. Any faults we have identified will then be corrected before the big day!  Show me, tell me: Start your test as you mean to go on, with good preparation and revise the show me  tell me questions. The test starts with two vehicle questions. By reading and learning  the answers it will help you to feel confident in front of the examiner and therefore  help you to relax. So spend some time learning them.  Knowledge of the area: We have spent many hours driving around Chester on our lessons, so be confident with  the knowledge you have picked up and learnt, i.e. speed limits, lane discipline and road  markings.  Treat it like a lesson: Don’t worry you’ll have a full lesson before your test so time to relax, recap the area and  manoeuvres, so its fresh in your mind.  Just to remind you, you take the test in my car, so no need to worry about learning new  reference points! Remember, don’t change the way you drive when the examiner is with you, they want to  see what you have been doing on your lessons. So drive like you would on a normal  lesson. Best time of the day: What’s the best time to take your test? That depends on you. (Not the so called quoter)  As you’ll remember from your lessons, the traffic can be different during different times  of the day. There is also no point booking an early morning test time, if you know your  more alert in the afternoon!  Ensure you have a meal or snack before your test too, as from experience if you’re  hungry you’re concentration suffers. It goes without saying, have an early night the day before. Dress smart/causual with comfortable shoes or trainers  and switch your phone off! Back seat passenger:- Before you leave the test centre, your examiner will ask you if you would like your  instructor (me) to join you on test. This is your choice. You could also opt to take a family member, friend or interpreter. If you choose to take someone along with you on test, be  sure they follow the proper protocol. Sometimes its the examiner, who will ask you if another examiner can sit in to observe  your test. You can say No! Hours of practice! : “Practice” This is the key to success. Studies have showed that pupils who have taken more driving lessons are more likely to pass first time with fewer minors. So put in the hours of hard work and your succeed! I 
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